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Packaging Production

Flexible Intermediately Bulk Containers (Jumbo, Container bag, Sack bags, bulk bags …), has weighted load from 350kg to 2,000kg bags (2 tons).

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Outsourcing Coating Services

We’d like provided transplant services coated plastic film for all kinds of flexible packaging, packaging material woven with PP, HDPE.

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Agricultural Mulch | Film

Greenhouse covering film , the wooden cover crops membranes, waterproof shield in seafood pond, garden plant …

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Jumbo Bag | Big Bag

  • Agricultural products: rice, cassava, coffee, cassava, pepper, yeas
  • Minerals: ore bauxite, titanium, alumina, lime, …
  • Materials of industrial production: scrap aluminum, iron powder, ingot
  • Construction materials: cement, sand, stone, …
  • Timber industry: sawdust pellets, wood pellet, rice husk pellet …
  • Environmental Sector: garbage, medical waste, industrial waste, swamplands, …

Lamination Service

  • Coated material: Fabric PP / HDPE Woven + Adhesive coated PP / LDPE + BOPP Films, Kraft
  • Industries used group: Sacks of rice seeds, bags of rice for export, packing fertilizer, packaging animal feed, aquaculture feed bags, bags for sugar, …

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